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Our Company

Nimble Diagnostics was conceived by a group of doctors and scientists who were concerned at the extremely high price and low accessibility of essential genetic tests and biomedical products provided by large pharmaceutical companies. We decided to harness the power of the internet to form a truly borderless company that provided these services to anyone in the world at affordable prices, while still providing an ultra high-quality molecular diagnostics service. Our mission is to provide a continually expanding repertoire of accurate, valuable genetic diagnostic tests and biomedical products to the consumer at prices that allow these vital products and services to be available to all.

Our Team

Our analytical team comprises scientists from several molecular biology disciplines, bringing not only a new level of technical competency to commercial molecular diagnostics but also a keen awareness of the emerging technologies that drive innovation in the field. Unlike other testing laboratories, the staff responsible for reporting the results for each test we perform at Nimble Diagnostics have an M.D. and/or Ph.D. degree, ensuring your tests are being performed by the best and brightest in the molecular diagnostics field.

Our Standards

All of our DNA testing is undertaken in state-of-the-art laboratories which are fully accredited and certified by the AABB, ISO 17025, and NATA. Our manufacturing facilities adhere to the highest purity and safety standards, with every product batch tested under the rigorous rules and procedures set by NNfA cGMP, cGLP, and the FDA. Our products are absolutely guaranteed – we have never had a test result disputed, and we will provide a full money-back guarantee for all services.

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